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AOP Orphan

… a European pioneer in the field of orphan diseases.

AOP Orphan researches, develops, produces and distributes innovative drugs and administration methods for rare diseases – and has become a European pioneer in the field of orphan diseases. The focus is on the areas of hematology and oncology, cardiology, neurology,psychiatry and metabolic disorders.

At a Glance

  • Established in 1996
  • Privately owned and owner-managed
  • Headquarters in Vienna
  • Thirteen locations 
  • Over 180 employees

The Company

Thanks to years of experience in providing complex individualized treatment, AOP Orphan has acquired significant expertise and developed a strong market presence in the field of Orphan Diseases. The fact that AOP Orphan is privately owned assures a long-term engagement in the market along with high quality services and products. AOP Orphan is also the only provider of key therapies for certain special indications.

AOP Orphan experts work closely with level with leading health care professionals at an international level. This has given them the ability to react quickly to needs and developments and to push research and development projects. When implementing these projects, AOP Orphan has a worldwide network of highly qualified partners that it can reach out to. These strategic alliances make sure that AOP Orphan, as a medium-sized company, is able to compete with top pharmaceutical companies.

Vision and Strategy

For many years large pharmaceutical companies paid little attention to Orphan Diseases and to the plight of those unfortunate patients afflicted by them. However, at AOP Orphan, we recognized the urgent need of these patients and saw an entrepreneurial opportunity to operate successfully in this small segment.

Our unique vision arose from our findings that patients with Rare Diseases are often ignored and that specialists in this small niche are rare and hard to find. Large pharmaceutical companies were of little help because they failed to concentrate on Rare Diseases due to the lack of financial incentives.

However our CEO Dr. Rudolf Widmann, was determined to establish a successful company specialized in Orphan Diseases in order to finally give hope to people afflicted with Rare Diseases - and he did. In 1996, Dr. Rudolf Widmann set up AOP Orphan Pharmaceuticals AG in Vienna and focused on product development and the production and distribution of licensed products.

At first we simply focused on our home market in Austria but as we became more successful, we began to expand from Austria into Eastern Europe. Today our key markets are found in the EU, Switzerland and the Middle East and we have partners on all five continents. Nevertheless, although we have increased in size, we have never lost sight of our greatest asset - the physicians. We enjoy close ties to physicians in each of our markets, not least in Austria, enabling us to be of greater assistance to the patients.


AOP Orphan Pharmaceuticals AG
Wilhelminenstr. 91/ II f
1160 Vienna, Austria
+43 1 503 72 44-0